is it possible to use schweser L1 2007 notes for the june 08 exam?

curious if its ok to use the old schweser notes from Dec. 07 for the June 08 Level 1 exam? I realize they have changed the material slightly but by how much? only wondering to save some money, if not ill buy the new ones.

i just sold my december schweser materials to other people studying for june 08. i actually didn’t pass level 1 and will be using CFAI material this time around. i really don’t know why anyone wouldn’t use CFAI material considering it’s included now. if you do want to last session’s schweser stuff, you will be more than fine i would guess…the curriculum mainly changes to keep the money machine running…but it doesn’t change much.

well i hope so because i’m reusing my 2007 schweser notes for the june '08 exam.

JRONAS, i failed using CFA books. IMHO, I wouldnt use the curriculum as my primary source. in fact, i already bought 2007 schweser notes and will be using those for Jun 07.

^you mean june 08?

i went on ebay and they have 07 notes for like 50.00. will I be ok with doing this? im not trying to take the easy cheap road but if the information is pretty much the same i would rather spend less money.

from what others are saying, the 07 notes should be fine for the 08 exams. that’s what i’m doing. there are going to be a number of LOS’s that are being changed or reworded, and i’m sure there will be new readings. i believe someone posted that they’re mapping out all the new/updated LOS’s. i’m planning on re-reading the '07 notes and using the CFAI texts for the new stuff.

keep in mind that most people saying they would use 07 notes, are retakers (myself included). if i was a taking the first attempt, i would really think about using old material…

I’m using the dec 07 notes for Dec 08. I think they’ll be adequate given that I’ll use them in conjuction with the CFA stuff we now get on registration. I agree that they change them to keep the money coming in. Otherwise I dont think CFA program chjanges every half year every year

Hi there That is my first post but I’ve been around for a little while … You can find here a table with the changes CFAI made to the 2008 curriculum. The guy took both syllabi and made a table out of it. I suggest to look for yourself that he didn’t do any mistake (I didn’t find any but if you do please post for everyone to know) Best of luck 19 weeks to go