is it safe to assume

in those correct/incorrect problems, that if you have no idea what the answer is or you’re on the fence, it would be wise to choose incorrect? it seems like 75% of the time it’s incorrect the answer.

heuristic bias - representativeness? =) This relationship is based on the way Schweser asks MC questions… CFAI may have a different methodology.

well if you look at the exam from 05-07, you would see the pattern

i agree. If you really dont have time for question just go with all incorrect

when in doubt - incorrect.

Yeah, that’s my philosophy. If you have no idea or aren’t totally sure it is correct, always default to incorrect. When you are presented with 3 or 4 statements in the essay section and are asked if they are correct or incorrect, usually only 1 is correct. If you don’t know for sure which one is correct, say they are all incorrect and provide explanations as if this were so. This way, you should only miss 1. If you are presented with 5 statements, there could be 1 or 2 that are correct.

FYI, the 2007 exam didn’t have a single “correct or incorrect” question.