is it safe to skip CFA Mock exam?

Hi guys, Actually I am running out of time and still need to revise carefully Ethics and FSA few topics. So can I skip the CFA Mock exam and Schewser Mock. Is it safe on not? Please tell me in which priority I should do all these things I mean these Mock exam… is CFA mock sufficient or not?? Do I sit continuous 3HR for CFA Mock or just I go through the question and try to solve them in between whenever I get time rather than continuous 3 Hrs.? what is best strategy??

least you can do is to get a feel for the language, content of questions and how to solve them… even if you do not do it in exam like settings…

I would strongly advise you to take the mock exam - in my opinion it is similar to the real exam and gives you a feel for how hard it is to sit and concentrate for three hours at a time, twice in a row! Also though, I really think the best way to revise ethics is to do some questions - reading the code of ethics etc and memorising it won’t help you when you need to apply it to a real life situation. Thats my thoughts anyway, and at the end of the day, don’t panic, we still have three and half days, plenty of time to do both in my opinion. If i was you, I’d do the mock this afternoon then tomorrow/thurs/friday revise the areas you didn’t do well on. Good luck!

Thanks Bexter for your advice actually you are correct reading Ethics is not just sufficient. Well about time I am giving exam from India and I have to fly to from Delhi to Bombay to give the exam so also one day less I have. One thing which I want to ask you is it sufficient to give CFA Mock exam or should I give Scheswer Mock as well considering the time shortage, what You prefer to me??

Ah I didn’t realise, I always feel bad for you guys that have to fly there too, cause you do lose a day. I would say if you’re really pushed for time, take the first half of the mock, i.e. morning session, then do say afternoon session of schweser mock exam 3. Then that way at least you’ve done a bit of both, and I don’t know about you, but i can usually cover 120 q’s in 2 hours, so should only take you 4 hrs to do that, then you have time left for revision.

Bexter in schweser mock exam 3 are you talking about volume 1 or volume 2? which one I should go for?? I am planning to give CFA Mock exam complete AM and PM and then any one of Schweser Mock ? Is this right strategy?? so if you have given all schweser mock tell me which one is best to give?

well I think they gradually get harder, i.e. 3 is harder than one (volume 1) and then obviously volume 2 is harder again. I’d do exam 3 from volume 1, but if you have time definately try some from volume 2 - but depends what scores you’re getting. If you get 75+ on CFAI mock, go straight to volume 2 to really test yourself. But if you’re getting 60-70, try exam 3.

Yeah Vol. 2 on Schwese PWNT me. Taking Vol2.2 tomorrow and Vol2.3 Thursday. Then I am lubing up and getting ready for Saturday!

forget the schweser mocks if you have not done them up until now. concentrate on the CFAI mock… spot check yourselves on a questions from Schweser Mock afterwards, depending on time.

DO the CFA mock. I scored high on all the Schweser mocks as well as the QBank (80-90%) until I ventured into the CFA mocks from the CFA website (65%-75%). Some things like zero-beta portfolios, incremental cash flows etc. had gone completely unnoticed when I had learned the material, and I am happy I got reminded of them via the CFA mocks.

I passed all three levels without doing any of the CFAI mock exams. I always left it to the end and then ran out of study time. If you do well on the mock exam it could give you a confidence boost, however if you do badly it could end up hurting your confidence. Do whatever you are comfortable with.

NeerajDBA I am exactly in same situation as you are I also haven’t taken any mock and I am flying to another country to take exam. I can reccomend you to just take a print and have a good look at it so you atleast understand the way CFA will test. I got to distrust Schweser practice exam they are just crazy. I am going to exam with following beliefs (1) Its almost impossible to master all material in this amount of time (2) This is Level 1 and basic level and we must know and be familiar with investment instruments (3) No one scored 100% on this so ofcourse we will do wrong questions (4) If I fail this is not the end of LIFE ! So good luck bhaiya !

Do ethics and FRA questions atleast … And secondly since you are flying from New Delhi to Mumbai… just be aware that you reach the test center on Time…cos in June 2009…the area in which exam was held got jamed cos of trafic and there was total choas…my frend reached 10 mins late in the AM exam… The center is Thakur college…let me know in case you need any help in getting there cos i stay very close to the test center Thanks!