Is it the new site format causing people to leave?

I hope not, but I have never seen this forum more quiet than now!!

Dreary, are you taking level 2 again?

Yes for the 4th time!

Dreary, what are you doing to adjust each time from the last unsuccessful try? Have you put in ample time each try? Just curious what it takes to keep coming back and how you adjust. Thanks and of course good luck to you!

To be honest with you I have been asking all day today if this is the 3dr or 4th time, that should tell you how much I cared! The first time, I started I think in November and studied real well, covering all CFAI books plus Stalla, but failed. The next time, I only did EOC and reviewed my notes. The 3rd time (which I don’t remember at all and still not sure as I check my account and it only shows the last attempt!), I must have done the same thing. This time, I started again about end of March, and I got Qbank, which thus far is looking really great for me…as a refresher and good material throughout. Having said that, I’m not taking the exam for financial work purposes, only to do training and consulting on my own.

Does AF still reject email addresses from GMail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc.? Because that makes people not join. Seriously, it’s a pain in the ass.

I admire you dreary im gonna be honest and say that i dont think i would be able to take the same level 4 times (hope you at least passed L1 on the first go). U am going for level 2 for the first time in june after passing l1 in december and i think i d start thinking if this thing is for me if i miss it twice!

Good luck for this one i guess that makes the competition harder for 1st time taker

Michlien, I don’t know if the exam for me or not, but I like the material!

Passed L1 on second try, and in the last L2 I was band 10! The strange thing about these exams is that one or two lucky items here and there can make a difference between pass and fail. I admire those who score > 70 in all areas, that’s really a major achievement and tough.

Yes. I liked the old format better, it was more condensed and easier to read.

Interesting to see how people discuss why they’re still on Level II.Congrats to band 10 btw, I think I was in band 7.

I think the forum is lot quiter than what it was when I took L1 last year!

I’m pretty sure I registered with a gmail address.

well Dreary , I dont think people are leaving but are mere lurkers like I am , I posit the lack of activity is because of a chain reaction - No great activity in the forum makes some people not spend incremental time on AF , rather choose to cram , which inturn leads to lack of activity on the forum .

I am scared reading your 1st and 2nd attempt debrief because like you did on my 1st attempt I started in mid march and this time too I started in feb end , even though I have made a decent progress w.r.t retetion and concepts I dont quite know how deep is the water , starting so late truly takes toll on ones performance .

Hope we crack it this time . All the best

Good luck Factor hedge…what I’m doing differently this time is using Schweser, which is good to read things from a different angle…mainly going over xamples and doing Qbank. No way for me to guarantee winning though!

I feel too that the forum is not as active as it used to be when I did my L1.

Dreary - good luck with the L2, but I am wondering who pays for your multiple attempts, as it is quite expensive.

I feel too that the forum is not as active as it used to be when I did my L1.

Dreary - good luck with the L2, but I am wondering who pays for your multiple attempts, as it is quite expensive.

I’m paying! Like I said, I’m doing this for myself, not for finding a job, and most likely I will not work directly in any financial institution… may be I’m nuts! My plan is to open up a consulting/training firm.

That’s what I call persistence! Hang in there Dreary - I am sure your chances are far beyond most of us from what I’ve seen so far in the postings … your answers to most of our queries are spot on … this time around may be it!

Good point Dreary…I sort of liked the old format as its easy in/out leading to >>discussion