Is it too late? Need Advice

Should I just give up? I’ve read the first book (kind of!) haven’t touched anything since February and haven’t attended class in last 6+ wks. I’m still getting all types of slammed at work… Should I even bother anymore?

don’t study…do as many damn problems as humanly possible…show up for the exam…stay for both sessions…and then say a prayer. The sad part is…I’ve actually read all the material…and this is my strategy.

first of all if u only have CFAI books just forget it. I started studying in mid march, and I am at study session 15 (skipped 1-2) so u can read the material very fast in 3-4 weeks if you use stalla or schweser. and last month u can do practice exams questions only. (with suplementary readings of course) and if u are smart too you should pass. but you gotta get to it now!

Thanks for the advice guys!

Not too late.