Is it too late to go for June 2011

I am just about to start studying for the CFA. Though majority of the topics were already covered in some of my classes in college, do you think I still have enough time to study for June? I mostly rely on Schweser Videos as my study guide. I also do have the curriculum (2010) and Schweser notes. March 16 is the deadline for registration, I’m still thinking if I should register. Any advice? Please?

Start with Readings 5-11 (QM) 13-28 (Econ) and 29-35 (half FRA) from the 2010 books and see how quickly you manage these. These readings are almost identical from 2010 to 2011. Schweser video’s won’t help much. Study from the notes since you have them and tell me how you’re doing early March. Then you can decide whether you can go for it.

You’ll be fine, especially if you already have prior coursework experience. Continue to study and supplement the videos with practice questions afterward. Plus, after you register for the exam and pay that steep deposit, you’ll really be motivated to continue studying. Just make sure you leave the last month before the exam for taking mock exams, and you should pass.

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go for it. In fact, if you already covered many of the topics in college, you already got a leg up on the competition. No worries

I love reading this!!! I’ve been studying since November and still feel overwhelmed. But if some of you guys believe that someone could START now, and still pass, then that makes me feel REALLY good! I need to step it up though!! THANKS GUYS!!!

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