Is it too late to prepare for June 2012 exam?

Hi All,

I wanted your advise if it is too late to study for June 2012 exam? I work around 60 hours a week in Finance Industry and I was wondering if I just do practice question for rest of the time can i still pass? I have taken CFA level 1 2 years ago and came in BAND 10. Please advise.


In my opinion no, unless you are off work and have time to study full-time, I feel like you need to go through the material at least once before you can get the benefits from doing the practice problems. Just my personal opinion though.

unless you’re a rockstar, you’re fucked. take it in december and start preparing right now.

not advisable cfarookie11 … my sincere opinion will be go for december 2012 exam… thats what i would do if i would be at your place…

its not to discourage you but its just to make sure the optimal use of your financial resources… at least its a limitation for me as im a little tight on funds…

if you haven’t already signed up - you are way beyond that deadline date… so you are asking the question too late.

if you have signed up - give it a go … and take this as one more practice test, so you know how to use your time valuably for the December test :slight_smile: