Is it too late to start studying for June 2016 exam?

Seems like getting 300 hours between now and next June will be tight squeeze.

It is doable bro, you have more than 10 months, just get used to study and you will pass surely.

Most would consider that a huge amount of time to prepare. Depends on your study habits though of course.

Its actually early… Considering that its been less than a month since the registration has been open…

That is alot of time to me even with a full time job. Divide the total topics in to the number of weeks you have left, and cover each one of them one by one. I also do not know what level are you preparing for if its I then its definitly plenty of time!

You have nearly 300 days…thats 1 hour a day.

If you don’t study at all during the week, and only weekends, thats less than 8 hours for a weekend from now until the exam.

You have more than enough time. Make a schedule. Stick to it. It takes roughly 21 days for something to become a habit. I started this January and passed in June by studying roughly 400 hours. It just takes dilligence as some of the smartest people will fail this test. It just depends on how bad you want it. People motivated me on here as I had doubts just like you. You can do this.

If you study just an hour a day between now and the end of the year, that’s over 120 hours right there…add an hour at lunch and that’s 240+ before you even hit January. Do the same method for the next 5 months and you’ve studied another 300 hours…giving you a total of over 500 hours.

This is very doable.

Good luck!

Man, 300 hours from now until June 2016 is already less than an hour a day… Besides, like pro_girl mentioned, you could`t have really started any earlier…

Keep in mind that 300 hours is what the CFAI recommends as a guidline, it is definetly not a requirment or guarentee of success. People study way over 300 hours and fail and study way less than 300 and pass.

For me the key was timing… I didnt want to peak to early and get complacent and start relaxing but at the same time you can`t risk taking too long and not covering all the material… set up a schedule where you will be peaking right when you have to take the test… you want to be at peak performance going into June.

You’ve got to be trolling, right? You’ve got to…

I havent even begun studying for the December 2015 exam yet

you need schweser qbank 2015 in pdf? drop me a PM

It’s actually quite early. I would not even suggest to start 10 months before the exam… for Level 1, 6 months in advance should be enough to cover everything, do some mocks (around 5) and be ready to pass.

It also depends on you, though. If you’re english native speaker, finance/accounting major, 4 months and way below 300 hours will be ok!

In my case, 6 months with 1 month summer break was enough to pass (no english native speaker, no strong background in finance).