Is it too late?

Hello everyone Im a finance student entering my last year this September, there still some classes that i didnt take yet such as theory of finance, portfolio and CSI. Im gonna take them next semester, but i dont know as my background so far if i can prepare to study for the December test or should i just wait after i took those classes to take the June exam? the only purpose i wanna take it this December is if i pass i can write it on my resume and guess it would help me to score a couple more interviews. I didnt start anything yet, is it too late to start by now? also, if i register now, how long does it to ship the schweser note? Thanks

Even if you pass the December exam you won’t have your results until late January. Just something to keep in mind if you are concerned about your resume. Don’t burden yourself with the December exam, focus on making stellar grades in your final year. I would wait for the June exam. You can still list the fact that you’re a candidate for the charter once you’ve registered. I think you might have the Schweser notes and the CFAI curriculum mixed up. The CFAI material is shipped very quickly once registered. I think I received mine in 3 days.

Tina, How many semesters do you have left? Just the one coming up, or do you have another one in 2010? I personally would only be doing the Dec. exam if I plan to write Level II in June 2010, or if I know I can’t write the Level I in June 2010, or if I failed Level I in June 2009. There’s about 4 months before the Dec. exam, which is plenty of time depending on how hard you study for it. But add in a semester load of courses and you’re sure to burn out, if not fail.

I just realize there’s no way i can register for L2 this June even if i pass L1 by this December, cuz my expected graduation time is May 2010. So in order to register for L2 i have to be graduate first, eh? if that’s the case i guess i will write the June 2010 L1.

Well , yes you can register Give CFAI a mail, that you’ll be graduating in may, before registering and write graduatin date as may 2010 Just make sure you pass your semester, otherwise it’ll be a trouble. don’t worry, i know guys who have done it, CFA talk so much about accruals so just accrue you graduation on CV :smiley: . and i think if you can study hard , you can do it in 2-3 months. I was in my last semester of Electronics Engg. and i registered 3 months before. I didn’t know anything before so i had to give 5-6 hours daily (more then what CFAI says) ,occasionally even more and i even revised fully and completed scheweser QBank too before the exam. Giving 5-6 hours a day for 3 months doesn’t sound a big deal but the point is you have to be consistent. but again quant(i didn’t had to even read the book and i scored full in all mocks) and derivatives were like cutting a cake to me. but FSA, Eco, FI were night mares , I gave more then 100 hrs to FSA alone to grasp it, but it will be cutting a cake for you as you are finance major. so as i believe , whatever be your background; 3 months are not late at all if you are determined to nail it :). PS: Liberal Arts Majors are Exceptions :D…

and if you’ll give exam in June 2010, you’ll be missing a lot in campus placements, so, what i advise is; think for a week or 10 days, discuss with your friends before taking any decision.

I am the same situation like you (i will graduate in May 2010) except i have prepared for the Dec exam since January. I personally think that getting A in your university exam while studying CFA could be overload.