Is it worth appearing for second time?

Hello guys, I just wanted to know that is it worth giving a second try to level 1? And any tips on how to build confidence?

Sure it’s worth it. You already have a good foundation from trying the first time. I bet you’ll have more confidence the second round with a little more practice, plus you can’t take level 2 until June anyways, so you’re not even delayed when you pass in December.

Tell us what your study plan was the first time around, maybe we can give some suggestions that would help for a second go.

I had a friend who didn’t clear the Dec 16 L1 exam (band 10), came back for it in June and passed with flying colors. If you put your mind to it and really strive to learn the material (and not just ‘try to pass an exam’) I think you’ll do well. I’d personally nudge you to consider sitting for Dec 17 L1 to keep the momentum going.

Good luck!

I am in the same boat, I decided to go for it!! It will be worth it when your email starts with “Congratulations”

It’s only worth it if you’re willing to keep that determination to keep pushing for all 3 levels. If you are, absolutely try again. Getting used to the format and test is understandable. Plus on level 1 you can retake in 6 months.

If you cant stand the thought of studying again, then make this a reflection point in how bad you want this. Good luck!

it really did to me, I scored band 9 on my first attempt in December 16.

Signed up for the June test and scored 70+ in 9 topics. My second attempt journey wasn’t much time consuming as the first one. And yeah it really kicks in once you open up your email and read “congratulations” and not continuing reading the rest of the mail ;p

Thanks everyone for your suggestion but I can’t give it in December due to personal reasons. Should I wait till and give a second attempt in June 2018?

Hey there,

I’d advise you not to give in. Give the December attempt a shot. And start studying ASAP as the stuff you’ve studied would be fresh in your mind.

Feel free to reply for any help.

I failed level II last year and passed it this time, so I feel that I have the right to say it:

If you ask, if you are just not angry at yourself and determined to pass next time, give up and choose to do something else, more appropriate. There are virtually infinite number of ways for self realization. Find something you feel passion to, where you are ‘sure’.

I failed L1 Band 9 first time around in Dec 2013 then just hammered the Schweser Q bank until I was getting 70+ and walked through the June in 2014. Keep going!

Hard to say. What band did you get first time around and did you put in the time to prepare?

do it!

quitters never win