Is it worth it to attend the annual charter recognition?

What exactly happens at the event? I would have to travel to a different city…

Depends on how much you value networking.

At mine there was a cocktail hour with some decent food. Then they called up each person one by one and presented them with another version of the paper charter (8.5x11). Then a group picture.

Nothing really special. Mine was a few miles from my apartment, otherwise I probably wouldn’t have bothered.

I enjoyed it, after studying for so long its the only recognition you get outside of personal pride. You also get a normal sized charter, the one mailed is 17 x 22 and is pretty big. It is also a free event, from what I understand one of the only events that is free.

Only cost is 1000+ hours of blood, sweat, and extreme stress…


Free? Not in my country.