Is it worth it to do previous year question papers?

Can anybody shed some light on whether one should try some previous year question papers, just for practice.

how do you get these?

I am sorry, not the exam questions but practice questions: try ths link

cirriculum changes, be careful I Know a dude was studying 2006 materials half the time stuff b/c he was cheap. he didnt pass in june

I do have the schweser 2008 notes, these r just for practice, what do u suggest Daj224? or anybody else?

With all the 2008 questions available I really do not see a need to go over material from previous years. There were a lot of LOS changes between 2007 and 2008 which would lead me to believe that some of it would not be applicable. I am sure ethics questions from previous years would be good to go over, considering the SOP Handbook was last revised in 2005.

In my opinion, no there is no need or benefit. I did some previous year questions while studying and they weren’t much benefit - a lot of topics change. The only questions you need: 1. End of chapter questions in Schweser and/or CFAI 2. Qbank 3. Schweser Vol. 1 4. CFAI Samples and Mocks

thanks a ton people, that was really helpful.

I took a look at some of the questions while studying and didn’t think they were on par with the general questions they ask today. I didn’t see as many 2 part questions. As you get familiar with the material you will probably feel the tests are too easy. You will be able to answer most questions in your head before reading the answer choices. Stick with the list that Topher gave.

Agree with daj BEWARE I spent a bunch of time doing a couple mock exams from previous years, and after scoring them realizing it couldn’t be right…the answer/explanations were wrong on many questions. So if you do it make sure you review what you got wrong and why and make sure that makes sense, otherwise I say the more problems the better, CFAI mocks and samples are the best though.