Is it worth reading Schweser Secret Sauce?

Two full days of studying left and I plan on doing a half Schweser Prac and CFA EOC’s, but is it worth reading secret sauce this late and forgoing other studying? It’s some 300 pages which would probably take me about 4 hours to read.

PS, my prac exam scores

cfa mock: morning: 77.5%, afternoon: 75.8%

4 schweser mocks: average:76.5%, stdev: 4.4%


ethics: 68.9%

qm: 83.6%

econ: 76.7%

fra: 69.6%

corp: 77.9%

pm: 73.3%

equity: 74.17%

fi: 87.3%

der: 88.3%

ai: 78.3%

My take is ‘no’. Serect Sauce probably would have been more useful earlier in the game, you’re better off now looking at covering topics you still don’t get. Secret Sauce will probably not be detailed enough to help you there.

Impressive scores dude. I think you’re ready. Did CFAI morning mock and got 71% but would like to be 75%+ like you.

Good luck on Saturday and see you around here for L2 hopefully.

My view is that the Secret Sauce would be a good way to consolidate the main points of Level 1 CFA just before the exam. If there are areas you don’t get then it is likely that you still won’t get them after another reading.

I suppose only you know best what you need most at this stage.

I’m covering just what I’m weak on at this point. Econ and FRA. I wouldn’t waste time on the Secret Sauce at this point.

I’m going to spend at most like an hour quickly scanning through the Elan 11th hour guides…just to try and refresh my memory on some of the small stuff. At this point all of the learning as happened

Hah, only on a CFA forum will a user post standard deviations on their results. Very good looking results at that.

Thanks for the replies. I’ve read through Ethics and GIPS on Secret Sauce and will probably read through FRA just to touch up a few things. Going to do some EOC’s, redo a half Schweser mock and go over all the questions I got wrong or guessed from previous mocks. Seems like a decent enough review.

You seem to be a bit weak on Ethics (69%). If I had had that score, I might have spent the final day doing some Schweser EOC on ethics, and left it at that.

Did the EOC’s for Ethics and GIPS, got 42/43. I think I might redo some of them from the mocks.

yeah just finished redoing my schweser morning #1. got 90.8%. for what it’s worth, I think I might be ready.

I found the EOCs for ethics MUCH easier than the CFAI Mock and even QBank advanced questions.