Is it worth reading (Secret Sauce Or CFAI EOC summary) in last 2 weeks? Which one to choose for last review of the couse?

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Will depend on your final study strategy. I would give more importance to the exersice practice, mocks or Qbank, and as part of the feedback I would read fast notes.

The secret sauce is only 200 pages, you can finish it quite quickly. I read it while I commute to work.

Thank You! I am confused between CFAI EOC summary vs Schweser Secret Sauce. Which onec should I choose for last review of course matrial (along with my study notes)?

CFAI summaries are too broadly written so they weren’t in much use for me.I have heard very good things about 11th hour but I haven’t read it.

I’ll be reading Secret Sauce because EOC summaries are too condensed.

I have both Secret Sauce and the Eleventh Hour Guide. The main difference between the two, in my opinion, is that the 11th Hour Guide offers more explanatory text. It’s about 150 pages longer than Secret Sauce. I prefer reading the 11th Hour Guide to help me refresh my memory if I’ve forgotten a topic. Once I get closer to the exam I’m switching to Secret Sauce because the Eleventh Hour Guide will be too wordy to read quickly.

Thank You for your feedback. I will try to learn more about 11th hour guide.

Secret sauce has helped me in level 1. But level 2 is a totally different game, you really need to know the content (what’s written in CFAI books) so I will go with my notes, Secret sauce and read some EOC summary for few imp topics.

Is the Secret Sauce book worth the $130?