Is it worth rereading equity from dividend valuation onwards?

I’ve gone back and reread every section except FI, which I’m finishing today and equity. I’ve reread SS 10 and 11 except for the dividend valuation section. From that point onwards is there anything there besides the formulas and when to use them? Would my time be better served doing the end of chapter problems and looking over equity questions from practice tests since I already know all the formulas and understand them? I’ve done well on equity in practice exams but haven’t read through those chapters in a while. Are there any qualitative concepts I might be missing?

i dont know to be honest… but i went back thru quant last night, just went thru the blue box examples in the book and then the eoc questions… you can do a ss in about 2 hours that way and feel pretty good… granted you arent getting everything, but its better than nothing… no sure how many blue example boxes are in dividend valuation section

Always re-read the Big 3 (Ethics, FSA, Equity). Like last year, I found CFAI put quite a bit of low hanging fruit in the Big 3 (and spread the harder topics among the various 5-15% sections). I anticipate they would do something similar this year, since it’s pretty effective way to filter candidates who plan to “wing in” and expect to pass the exam.