Is it worth taking classes?

I am taking CFA level i in Dec… is it worth it taking classes? advice appreciated

I think it depends on your background and how comfortable you are with the material.

And how committed you are to studying. It’s easy to fall behind.

I would definitely say yes - reasons include: – keeping pace – ability to ask questions immediately on stuff you dont understand (and if you have a good teacher, many things arent that difficult when explained well!) – networking (and a barometer of how you are doing) – use of external materials (most course providers have their own materials including notes and all-important questions) Good luck

this is 2nd hand information, but for what it’s worth. several friends have told me that classes are worth it, if and only if your company is footing the bill. Again, from my friends experience, alot of time was wasted in class by completely unprepared canidates asking very basic questions eating up valuable class time.

I experienced this jut and agree with your point…however in my case, the guy in question stopped turning up after a few weeks (fortunately)! He started off by telling the class in his ice-breaker introduction that he didnt know why he was doing the CFA (or even what it was) and he was there as his boss had kindly offered to pay for it. He then proceeded to ask random questions, not do homework and just disappeared after a few weeks.

Thank you all for the info… I think i am going to go ahead and take classes

waste of time

My opinion is that it is worthless. If someone says take it only if your company pays for it, that is the best way to know it is worthless. I think it gives a false sense of confidence.

level1_dec Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > waste of time I agree. With all the time going back and forth to classroom, I’d rather study myself - sure self-discipline and good planning are very important.

Classes are a way to force some self discipline… Also just being in a group of people who are also pursuing the same goal I find really helps with motivation… The networking aint a bad thing either…