Is Jobline is good resource for a Level I job seeker?

Is Jobline any good for a Level 1 candidate with limited experience? Are there any job postings in Toronto for entry level jobs that counts towards the CFA designation? Where should I be looking in general? I have 6 months of so-called “analyst” experience, which counts towards my designation and 2 years of administration. My goal is to become a research associate or a trader, but it seems like they only hire MBAs or top 1% students. Are there any specific jobs/experience that would allow me to work towards these positions (i.e. settlement officer)? Btw, you don’t get a formula sheet by any chance during exam day… do you? Thanks

settlement officers have nothing to do with research or trading…settlements is considered back office. and BTW, you are joking yes?? hahaha good one

what about level III candidates that are working in an actuarial function. just curious.

Take your $50 and light it on fire

The answer is, probably not. I haven’t looked at TO at all, but the other 3 city joblines I have seen have very limited postings for people with <3 yrs work ex and

ive used the jobline last year. these postings are more for senior level positions I find.

Jobline is not very useful for L1ers with limited experience. You would just get frustrated looking at 80-90% of the job postings! Use the money on a sample exam, imho.