Is just the schweser Qbank enough?

Hey guys.

My attempt is gonna be in December 2015 and since I haven’t really studied anything yet and I’m freaking out, I’m planning on buying the Schweser qbank, which is **** expensive, and doing all of it. Will that be enough to clear the exam?

*Please say yes*


Some have passed using only the Qbank, while others have failed.

There are no guarantees.

My first thought would be “no”.

So you haven’t studied anything yet? And you say you are planning to buy Qbank, so you don’t have that yet either? Today is October 6, 2015, right?

If it were me, I would just wait until June 2016 to take the exam. I can’t image you passing it, unless you don’t have a job. If you are working 40 hours a week or more, 2 months away from the exam and you haven’t studied, I would tell you it is almost a certainty that you will fail.

Even if you don’t have a job, I just don’t see how you could pull it off. Besides its important that you read the books, doing problems is great for understanding, but reading the material gives you some type of base to work with.

I guess if you were going to try it, you are probably about 8 weeks away. So probably study the materials, reading the books and answering EOC questions for 6 and review for 2 weeks? At least tell me you have sat for Level 1 before.

It just seems like a recipe for failure.

If you are a recent graduate with a Finance degree it is possible. If you do not have much experience with the material it will be quite difficult.

Good luck

I would use the EOC questions as a primary source of questions and supplement with the Qbank to reinforce what you’ve learned. Last time around I focused on Qbank and didn’t do many of the EOC questions and I failed band 10. I firmly believe that not practicing the CFAI questions hurt me.

You’re in a tough spot trying to study all the material in less than 60 days. June would probably be a better option.