Is Mac compatible with CFA & Schweser Qs?

It seems like it is not compatible because in the CFA website it says that you need microsoft internet explorer? and in the schweser,it says that you Windows Vista, Windows XP (with Service Pack 2), or Windows 2000 as operating systems??? … but someone sayd in some other forum list that it was… ¿?¿? I wouldn’t like to pay, try and not being able to answer.

The Schweser CD is not compatible, but I use “online access” where they provide you w/ login and password and you have access to Q-Bank and everything else. + you can use any computer (CD is limited to 2 installs). I have used it w/ explorer, firefox, and safari w/ no problems.

thanks akanska but do you have a mac? and what about the cfa sample exams with mac? sorry but I don’t have much idea about computers… could you akanska or someone give me a link to where I should go to buy the schweser Qs with the answers and explanations… there are so many packages that I am not really sure what to get.