Is Mechnical Pencil allowed?

Just realized I don’t have any pencils

You’ve got some time to get to a store.

not sure, but you can use mechanical ones if they’re #2. do they even make pencils not #2? i just picked up 2 sweet papermate clearpoint .5mm’s the other day.

I used mechanical pencils for L1… I hate wood pencils.

i also used mechanical

It just takes so damn long to fill out bubbles with 0.5mm lead. You almost have to use 0.7mm.

Go with the 4 foot novelty pencil

Two words: Mirado Classic

I used Triconderogas last year, but switched half way through to mechanical because I got sick of sharpening the darn things.

Yes mechanical pencil is allowed. At least at the test center i was at.

ask swan - he just bought himself 16 pencils - four of which claim to be “World’s Best Pencils”… seriously…I’m not even kidding…

I just got a 15’ inch pencil with the yellow tweety cap fixture

Yes, i’ll be using Staedlaer wood pencils with HB grade lead, a Staedler eraser and a Woolworths metal sharpner…and i’ll be wondering what i’ll do with my life when I don’t have threads as exciting as this one to contribute to!

Indeed, you can use them. I like them better for writting out my work, but feel the standard “woody’s” do a better job of filling in the circle (that’s what she said)… Peace

most mechanical pencils are HB… and that is the same as #2. Some art/craft stores sell specialty lead (more H=hard, more B=soft). I took exam w mechanical last year w/ out issue. You can pick up thicker than .7 in an art store if you’d like.

Remember you can’t wear a digital watch though…

sorry that is wrong…seems that changed the policy or I remembered wrong…you can wear digital watch.

One of my colleagues emailed the CFAI a couple of years ago to ask and they said that they are allowed (apparently she had a lucky pencil!)

I used Triconderogas for lvl 1 too…i like them…nice and fat with a rubbery feel. Just bring one for the morning and one for the afternoon session and 1 backup. Then no need to sharpen.