Is MFE+CFA good enough?

I recently graduated with a MFE but I didn’t get the job I wanted, I still work in quant dev for a top tier IB. My ideal position will be asset management /risk management. What should I do to rectify the expensive mistake? I probably should get a MBA in the first place. OR I could continue with my CFA ( I cleared Level II). What is better option for me? I am deep in debts right now, I am unwilling to go for MBA unless it is the last resort. Also, If I stay in quant development longer, would I end up stuck? – unable to move out of technology later?

If you cleared level II and all you have left is level III, that’s a much better route than the MBA. It’s substantially cheaper than the MBA.

Dude it depends whether CFA would help you or not.CFA doesn’t help you in networking and getting you the interviews.If you are smart enough to do the networking within the firm and outside then CFA may help you.Also PRM/FRM might help you to get into risk management side.But again risk management is not highly regarded as the learning opportunity is restricted.You can read career section of Wilmott and Nuclear Phynance for further help.