is MPS decided worldwide basis or countrybasis ?


I was just wondering how is mps decided?

I mean if MPS this time for L1 was 37%

Does it mean to pass you need to be in top 37% of overall candidates in the world or top 37% in your country ?

Is this a serious question?

MPS - minimum passing score is not released… 37% is the pass rate. And in response to your q it’s not neccasary that every country has the same pass rate… I remember someone mentioning country wise results but haven’t seen any official stats on that one.

also Vicky I must say its amazing how you manage to work study (and do so well) while being so active on this forum…

Kya baat hai :stuck_out_tongue:


I got your point. I better start studying for L2 instead of wandering in online forums blush

If you can’t figure this out, good luck with Level 2.

Thanks i need all the luck smiley

For those who love conspiracy, the question of interest is: how do you determine your score? e.g. do they take both your morning and afternoon sessions? or do they only take the morning, or only the afternoon? or is it the better of the two? or the worse?

It’s mind-boggling, more so than the curriculum lol

QuangHoang they credit you for every second question you get correct in the Level 2 paper, then they add your AM Paper Level 1 mark to your aggregate Level 2 score. Following this, they forecast your potential Level 3 score on the assumption that you have passed Level 2 on the first try and then they regress this against the aggregate of both your Level 1 and Level 2 marks. The adjusted R^2 of this regression equals the MPS per candidate. From this they aggregate all the MPS for each candidate sitting Level 2 for that year and the previous three years and then take a harmonic mean to determine the official MPS.


trogulj, I suppose that’s why the process takes a whole 8 weeks!!! Would like to know how the MPS is determined for Lvl I, too.