Is my pace of preparation for CFA level 1 too slow?


I am going to appear for CFA level 1 exam this June.

I am a graduate in mathematical statistics & MBA (marketing). Though I don’t have much finance background, my analytical abilities are reasonably good.

My concern is I began studying late & so far completed Quants & Corporate Finance entirely & a bit of FRA, Economics & Ethics. I am not working currently & am ready to dedicate 10-12 hours for studies everyday…Is there any hope for finishing the entire portion for level 1 & solving enough mock question papers before the level 1 exam in June?

Am worried as there is only a little over 2 months left!

Kindly help.


If your not working or studying for a degree, 2 months is more than enough time!


Yes, but i reckon 10-12 hours of study every day is a bit too much. You’ll get burned out very quickly.

Hi Deepti,

It’s really good that you are spending 10-12 hours in a day and you have 2 months with you.

IF, You can finish your syllabus by the end of april and after that you have lot’s of time with you to practise questions and mocks. YOU CAN

All the best.

You’ll get burned out too quickly. I started preparing february, with the plans that I’ll go through the curriculum twice, I drew a plan for 55hours a working week. Verily verily I say unto ye, I’m not done with the first reading, I’m totally burned out.

To put things in perspective, I gave myself 12 months to study for Level 1. After 3 months in, I feel like I could pass the exam with 2 more months. I would not count on doing 10-12 hours a day.

If you’re not working time should be the least of your worries…


You have a backround in Maths & stats . Most of the syllabus in CFA Level 1 is analytical in nature. so I think if you are not working then You can catch up the things in 2 months . Solving more and more mock tests and questions is not the solution . You should concentrate on material and concepts and in the end 3-4 mock tests are enough.

Hope it works…