Is Nobel Prize a + or - for BO?

The majority of the comments on AF are negative so far… Will this prize weaken BO since most people think he doesn’t deserve it yet?

I don’t think most Americans care either way.

I don’t think winning a Nobel prize is ever a bad thing for the person.

kkent Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > I don’t think most Americans care either way. If doing a great job BS-ing will win you a Nobel Peace Prize, Americans should just scrap the Nobel Prizes…

I agree.

How will getting a Nobel prize weaken you? Of course this is going to be positive for Obama. Let’s say you wrote a nice business essay and published it. Harvard came to you and said, wow AlphaSeeker, we would like to bestow upon you an honorary degree from Harvard for your wonderful essay. Many people thought you didn’t deserve it, including yourself. Is this bad for you? Is it going to weaken you? Is this negative? It’s not BO’s fault he got the award. Do I agree that he should have won it? No. But is it a positive for him? Yes.

I just can’t figure out why unless they gave it to him to inspire him to do something inthe future