Is Nov FRM-I a good idea between CFA L2 and L3?

Is attempting FRM-I before starting L3 studies a good idea? (assuming I pass L2). Has anyone tried it, and found they still had enough time to adequately prepare for L3?

Taking a November FRM exam a very good idea – whether you pass CFA2 or not. Combining May FRM +June CFA, on the other hand, is a terrible idea.

I am planning to go with that idea…I can’t give my November FRM L2 Exam due to clash of dates with my College Exam…I have got around 8 months to prepare for 2015 CFA L2 Exam…I will take out 2.5 months for 2015 May FRM Exam (which I think shall be sufficient given that I studied rigorously for 15 days for L1)…March-Mid May…I have checked the time gap between these two exams…It is exactly 20 days…I think this should be enough to revise n practice the contents that I have been preparing for all those 8 months…Won’t it be a decent approach…???

No, it’s a terrible idea.

Still I have to go with it…No choice left…:expressionless:

Ah! Even I want to know this!

I am in the same position as OP.

OP - want to post this in FRM forum? :slight_smile:


Do you have FRM Curriculum books ? If you please reply

What’s the purpose of asking experienced people for advice if you’re going to ignore the answer? Seems like a waste of everyone’s time, doesn’t it?

I understand what you are telling is absolutely right .I would have surely followed it if I had that option.I have to give my next level of FRM and CFA anyhow by next year and it is not possible for me to appear for this year’s FRM Exam due to the above mentioned reason.I know it will be really hard for me to get through,but still I will try.Thanks for your advise.

Don’t overlap both. Do one at a time. You can do the November FRM if you do the 2 CFA exams in June.