is one practise exam a day okay


Hi Sav, Im just wondering: Do you really cover all the material once? Thanks

one practice exam a day from now until dec 5th? You could do one every three days and use the other two to re-read material, or at least the 11th hour or secret sauce, seems you’re not scoring so high so review and study is in order not just exams imo

havent got 11th hour or secret sauce…just the schweser basic…what should i do to increase scores…except ethics I am getting shit scores???

savage did you do elan mock exam? try that one

Try to review from the most heavily tested subjects : FRA, Equity, Econ - looks easy but it’s easy to bomb too imo, Quants. Two-three hours a day for 2-3 days per topic should improve your scores a bit. How about this for Quant review? ^ not the latest info available, but good enough for review imho

Thanks Andrea…you are a lifesaver and a sweetheart!!

Honestly you can probably do yourself more good by taking a break for a couple days Who was it that discovered displacement when he took a break to take a bath? It sounds like you have been through the material, but you need to be in a good state of mind.

Since you get bad scores in the area of 50% as you have written in other threads, stop doing practice tests and read all the LOSes again. I think you haven’t studied the material sufficiently to pass. It will be difficult to pass the exam with these scores. What kind of materials do you have? Schweser?

Schweser basic package…