Is Part 1 doable in 3.5 months

Hi, I have just passed CFA level 1 exam and registered for FRM part1. I wanted to know if I have a shot at the Nov Part 1 exam. I am planning to study 3hr/day. Please advise.

I believe so. I plan to put in 300 hours. I also want to save the last two weeks before the exam to do questions from the Handbook, which was recommended by my colleagues who passed the exam last year. Good luck!

yes I would like to know as well. I am thinking of writing in November (I passed CFA L1 this june) and graduated with BSc in Math/Stats this April.

Don’t waste your time

I suppose it depends on your background as the quant is a little trickier than in the CFA at any level but 3.5 months for part one should be doable if you stick to your plan.

Thanks guys. I have started the preparation. The material looks so similar to the CFA Level 1 and Level 2 curriculum.