Is printing the ebook worth it?

I am going for printed material and want to know if printing the ebook is worth the hassle ? My choice is between buying the CFAI print material vs printing the ebook myself. But printing the ebook seems to be a tedious affair. First of all, I don’t have a duplex printer and somehow I am not able to find the odd page/even page option on Vitalsource. Does anyone know about this ? Can you print odd pages/even pages separately. Considering all this, I would like to know from people whether it would be wise to print the ebook myself (and save some cash) or go the easy route albeit a bit expensive. What are the pros and cons involved ? Also once you order the printed material, is it delivered to your doorstep or do we have to collect it from somewher ?

Don’t think printing the whole curriculum is worth it, in terms of paper wasted, ink wasted and your time wasted. I’m not sure what you do for a living or how much spare time you have, but printing that yourself (especially at home) would take you probably the equivalent of a day and a half at a full time job. I printed ethics only, and regretted it as soon as I picked up the stack of paper from the printer.

The e-books would be delivered to your doorstep, and provided you’re home to sign for them you wouldn’t have to pick them up from anywhere else.

Print at work = solved

Would that be classified as violating the standards? (Duties to employer)?

Why would it be?

Use schweser, only print ebook questions and answers :slight_smile: