Is Q-bank necessary if you go through all the EOC, memorised all the glossary and formulas

Trying to be parsimonious, how much marginal benefit will get I from doing the if I already went through all the entire CFAI text, all the EOC & BB, memorised all the glossary terms (plus about 600 non-glossary terms found in the CFAI text, total 2200 terms) and memorised all the formula.

Maybe a little, maybe a lot; it depends on you.

At Level I, it’s false economy not to practice as many questions as you can.

I think it’s very important simply because of the added pressure on the day of exam. You need to have quick reflexes to answer each question correctly and quickly. I try to answer at least 30 questions in 30 minutes each day using Apptuto. It never hurts to have more practice.

I didnt use Qbank as im broke. The CFAI provides online practice tests for each topic area (quant/econ/FI etc) that I found extremely helpful. I would suggest taking those and working on what you dont know.

You mean this page?

There only 30 questions per topic?

It differs, some have more and other less. Try them, they are hard.

Just finished the 30 quant questions in 35 minutes and got 29 out 30. Is that good enough for the actual exam for quant?

I remember I got like 24/30 and quants was one of my strenghts. Keep that way.