Is Qbank a joke?

I’ve been doing questions in qbank just to keep ideas/concepts fresh, but the questions don’t seem that hard. Is it even worth doing these questions anymore? I’m doing the CFAI EOC questions as well, but are there other good resources for vignette style questions?

Did you do vignette type or regular questions

They do seem exceedingly easy, but it does help me to keep the concepts fresh. Its liek flash cards. The meat of my study is reviewing CFA anything i can get my hands on…

I’m just knocking out 30-45 questions a day on all levels. Will probably do all the advanced level questions as we get closer. Anyone do the finquiz questions and can comment on it?

I like the qbank. Sure there are some easy questions but it’s not like they really waste your time. If it’s that easy you can answer it in 2 seconds and keep moving on.