is QBANK really a waste of time for level 2?

thats all i’ve been hearing…

How bout only Qbank hard questions?

I got the free trial form Kaplan and checked out their L2 qbank, I don’t think it’s a “waste of time” but I do not think it tests your abilities like L1 does. I would focus more on practice/mock exams as this test is more case based.

It’s good for testing basic concepts. I find it helps me understand the material better.

IMO, i dont think it’s a waste of time. Practising with Qbank helps me to memorize the formulas and the concepts easier. Besides, they also have a set of 6 questions, which are very similar to the original exams.

Once you go through the CFA mock exam, you will see if the level of difficulty is comparable. Last year’s mock was just brutal, it felt like I was training for a marathon just to be thrown into a lion’s den.

I’m finding the Qbank to be a nice review after my first pass through the reading. The immediate feedback and explaination is a great study tool IMO

QBank “advanced” questions are advanced only in that they just make it confusing to try and figure out what’s being asked or what inputs you need. They don’t really test concepts in more challenging ways. I used it to keep old material fresh as I progressed, but in the last two months, I relied on practice tests and EOC’s. I will say, however, QBank proviced some serious motivation for me - last year, the weekend before I planned to start practice tests, I sat down to a nice 60 question QBank test with advanced questions only on all the material and scored a 45%. That lit a fire under my ass…

I definitely agree with this comment - I think the QBank is a nice review after doing the reading. The QBank is a nice way to break up the reading/note-taking cycle. Sure, the vast majority of the QBank questions aren’t in Item Set format, but the questions really help you nail down the approach to certain problems and reinforce formulas from the reading.

Got started last week. What about the concept checkers and challenge questions in Schweser? Are they really useful or a fair mirror of whats to come…I really haven’t done enough to go diving into the mocks and I’m still getting a lil stuck on the CFA EOC’s. Dunno what to use as an intermediate exercise:/ Then the qbank is really trumpet blowing getting high marks and all that…but that don’t fool me really…what to do?

Schweser questions test the concepts, but not very well. Last year I did a first pass doing concept checkers and challenge questions, then Qbank afterwards. I never once did them again, too easy, and Qbank was seriously lacking. Unless it’s improved, it seemed like it would ask the same questions over and over, just changing numbers or wording, while completely ignoring other major topics. I quickly abandoned it. Instead I did CFAI EOCs and blue boxes a multiple times, Schweser mocks a bunch, and a brutal CFAI mock. Passed first try.

Wow!Congratulations…Thank you:) Really helpful…spot on wrt. the Qbank!

It’s only a waste if you use it during your review period right before the test, as the questions are not in test format. However I found it really helpful, like everyone here, in learning the material, and making sure I understand the concepts. Also, even though the questions are most not on test format, they do have a lot of questions on test format that I found similar to the test, not the question, but the concept being tested, and it was helpful. This will be my second time (and hopefully last time taking L2) and now I’m doing both qbank and CFA questions for review and then only tests closer to exam day