Is Qbank worth is for L2

Hi, Anybody using Qbank for L2 find it worthwhile to buy it. I used it for L1 and found a lot of questions to be basic but it did give me plenty of practice. Should I bother with Qbank for L2? Thanks John

I couldn’t have passed Level I without my trusty Qbank and couldn’t imagine being without it for Level II. For the money* I’d think it’s a no-brainer. *Disclaimer: I have no idea how much it costs but assuming it’s under $5K my statement stands.

I dont think anyone who passed any level did that just by reviewing the notes (esp. CFAi). You will come to know most of the material only by taking practise test… Schwerser Qbank is better than most of the providers’. Would you risk $800 (CFAi fee) + 1 year for the 200ish Qbank ??

definitely worth it. i used it for level II and schweser drills the financial stmt concepts with difficult item sets. this was extremely helpful to grasp some of the very difficult concepts.

Some people swear that Stalla is better than Schweser? Which questionbank is better?

The answer is Schweser - Stalla’s the poor man’s Schweser.* *Have never used Stalla, but Schweser rules.

Stalla is better w.r.t the materials, text books , videos etc. You cannot even compare schwerser, however stalla’s passmaster has more st fwd questions than schweser. I used stalla thru’ out for L1 and was in pretty good shape. I knew lot of concepts, much deeper, that what I saw on schweser and purely attribute this to stalla’s material alone. But I initially took passmaster (stalla’s qbank) and when I started scoring 70+, i moved to schweserpro and started scoring atleast 10% lesser. So all in all if you want a qbank, then schweser is better, but Stalla rocks with their exam prep kit, no doubt. Ah forgot to tell, I scored 70%+ on all except Econ (50 - 70). I took econ light, thatz y.

I am reading the CFA material and using only the stalla passmaster qbank cd.