Is Rafael Nadal finished?

Now that he announced he’s not going to the US Open, and after missing the Games plus two M-1000 events, I think it’s fair to question whether he’ll ever again come back to top form. So, full force in ’13 or quietly going under from now on?

Not a fan of him since he sodomized my guy Federer for years, but is still a shame. That being said, if grandpa Fed’s Grand Slam over/under was at 18.5 and I’d take the over, yeeeaaahhh!

I think by 2013 Federer and Nadal will no longer be major threats.

Peyton Manning on the other hand still has a few more good years :wink:

^ lol. Well played, kind sir.

This is tragic that Rafa has to miss the Open, but I hope he has a full and speedy recovery and want to see him back on the courts soon. I think he will be fine in time, but every tournament he misses will reduce his “useful life” as a world class tennis player.

He has to come back, somebody has to prevent Murray from winning Wimbledon. If a Brit wins Wimbledon it might trigger the Mayan apocalypse.

No way Jose! Rafa is still young (and even younger for a tennis player) eventally he will find a better therapist to deal with his muscle problems

No way anyone can know that yet. Doubt he even does. He may play 5 great years yet, he may not. Not worth speculating on, time will tell. I do admire his balls out approach though.

Its going to be the era of Andy and Novak for the next few years. Fed is on his last leg and too many injury issues with Nadal.

Will we ever see another man dominate all 4 slams in the same year again? Last time this was achieved for men’s was by Rod Laver in 1969.

Is Del Potro finished? IMO he’s the most fun player to watch with that deep, powerful forehand of his…I was excited as I thought we’d have another challenger to the big 2 (No Djoker back then), but sadly injuries have been limiting him.

Del Potro’s forehand was monstrous a couple of years back. Soderling seemed like a threat too for a while. Sadly most of these tier 2 guys that look like they may consistently pose some challange to the top 3 break down. That really shows how good the top 3 are though.

Dont’ worry Tikka Murray isn’t winning wimbledon anytime soon. Djokovic will take care of that. As for Nadal, he probably will recover, but never reach the level he was at a couple of years ago. He’ll probably win another couple of French opens but I dont think he’s gonna at the same level on hard and grass courts. Might get a lucky break here n there (like the one Fed got when Nadal lost to Soderling at Roland Garros) which may lead him to win one of the other three grand slams. It’s really Djokovic’s time to add to his Grand Slam tally.

Anyone think Raonic can be a threat in the next few years?

I just don’t want Murray to ever win a grand slam. That little sh*t really rubs me the wrong way. He’s just such a dislikeable character. Novak isn’t much better so I hope we don’t end up with 4-5 years of them being at the top. There’s just no warmth in these characters. Bring on players like Tsonga.

Tendenitis never really goes away, he will have to rest his knees for a long time, but no worries, he will be in time take FO.

Murray time is coming…

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