Is registering and starting studies now a good idea?

There are financing and control issues involved here, lol.

I have not started my preps. Neither have I registered for the exam. Would you guys suggest me how to go about it. I would be able to take out time on weekends. My working hours are manageable and I can take out time, because the work is not demanding. However, the fact cannot be denied that the concentration in office is halved. Still, I have some time here.

Secondly, is scheweser enough or CBOK is also required? If yes, then i would be glad if someone can also suggest the important topics.

I also went to a coaching institute, but that felt like a waste of time, as the instructor seemed to be reciting the summarized scheweser. The only advantage it could provide was that I could know my course and get into the groove.

Finally, here comes the math. 108 days. 2592 hours. Out of that I have got 34 holidays. I know that the only thing on my mind, in my sleep, shower, should be numbers. I fear it is that bad. However, the next chance is in 2016.

So, what do you people suggest? Realistic? Possible? Exhausting?

^34 holidays! Are you kidding me??? I would get the whole L2 done in that time. Jk.

Yeah buddy just register and go for it. 34 holidays for level II is more than enough. Good luck!

Ok, you saying you would finish whole L2 in 34 days. Guessing you can study 6 well-studied hours per day with no off-day, it is 204 hours…

Do not boast !