Is retention of cfa L1 knowledge important for L2?

Hey all, Just wrote my level 1 CFA exam this past December and passed with over 70% in every category. Life has got me by the balls right now and I haven’t followed through and registered for this upcoming June level 2 exam as planned. Going into the the L1 exam I knew the material extremely well but have forgotten a lot of it since then. Now with plans to write L2 in June 2011, I am wondering if forgetting the material from L1 is going to hurt me in preparing for L2. I am wondering if the L2 material leaves off where L1 material stopped or if there is some overlap that will give candidates a refresher/review of the need to know material from L1. I have also heard of review packages that help candidates make the transition from level 1 to level 2…anyone use these or have an opinion whether they are beneficial or not? Any feedback would be appreciated…and good luck to all those writing this coming June!

seems that there is some overlap within stuff like equity, a little bit in PM, some of the derivatives, plenty on ethics - at least in the schweser they review the concepts again from L1 when necessary. I took L1 in Dec too, so it was a little more fresh, but i wouldnt recommend spending time studying l1 stuff

if you buy schweser L2, they throw in a L1 refresher book, almost like a secret sauce