is revision possible in 50 days?

Hi all,

i have just completed first time reading from institute books for my cfa level 2 exam 2014. currently, i have to work 5 hours a day and am able to study 6-7 hours a day. i did my level one using both CFAI books and Schweser notes. i have just one subject left to complete my Cost and Management Accounting degree in Bangladesh. do you guys believe that it is possible for me to finish the preparation well enough to clear the level?

last time for level 1, i finished much earlier and cleared the level at my first attempt.

need suggestions badly.


yes possible.

I have yet to cover corp finance and ethics first time… hoping to finish by 15th.

second time will be faster… + you already remembered some material from first time so you are improving your chances through revision…

surely possible if you keep up.

I planned 4 weeks for revision. I hope it’s enough, especially with the anticipated panic attack that will hit once I realise that I forgot most of the material.

I think 50 days are more than enough. just manage your time properly and take the last 1-2 weeks off from work.

Yes if utilized properly then 1.5 months is plenty. Last year I had only 1 month of revision after completing the course material. I skipped Derivates and Fixed Income Material and focused on FRA and Equity. Unfortunately failed the exam in Band 9. But that should not discourage you from giving this exam your best.

Revision is a relative term; it’s hard to give solid advice without some details. I will say however that there is a lot more material on L2 than L1 so you will likely be surprised at how much you have forgotten when you start to go back through. I think a real second pass is mandatory, (at least it was for me), I only did Schweser readings and EOCs on pass 1, but on pass 2 I did Qbank and CFAI EOCs as well to really help hammer it in (along with lots and lots of note cards). If you have only read the material once and have not worked all the CFAI EOCs then you likely have some revising to do. The good news is that you present your work schedule as lax, so you have time to get it done. I really do recommend not starting on the practice tests until you feel like you have your head around the curriculum as you will be able to pass back through the curriculum faster in revision mode than you can pass through by taking practice tests.

thanks a lot.

dear Jayman_137,

thanks for indepth analysis. yes, i finished EOCs from the CFAI books after finishing reading individual chapter. what makes me confused is hundreds of formula.

i planned to utilize 4 hours in the first half of the day and 3 hours in the night.

one more queston, is CFAI books only enough for this time i.e. L2?

hope you all the best.

You r on the good spot. so dont worry, 90% of candidates trying to complete revision in 2-3 weeks.

I am able to study 2-3 hours per day and planning to complete revision in 2-3 weeks.

thanks passa. your suggestions made me relieve

CFAI books are enogh - Qbank does add value (when used correctly) but if you didn’t already get it from Schweser in a notes package deal it likely isn’t worth it. Go back through the CFAI questions, if you made highlights while reading, re-read the highlights, use whatever material the CFAI puts on thier webpage and make lots of note cards to really drill the formulas. As you guys know by now there are a lot more formulas on L2 than on L1 so you really need to budget time for this (this task is likely the most import of the ones I just listed if you are someone who has already made it through the curriculum but is struggling with the volumn). Do the above and then start mocks.

thanks Jayman for your further suggestions. hope i can make it.