Is S2000 the oracle of analyst forum?

Just for fun, What is your bio? What kind of job do you work? How long have you been studying? You’ve got this thing on lock. Thanks in advance.

Here’s the short bio (the stuff overlaps; I’m not 170 years old):

  • Bachelor’s in Accounting
  • Bachelor’s and Master’s in Math
  • 30 years in software development (numerical control systems, navigation, traffic control, optimization, portfolio analysis, bond market simulation, oil processing plant design, computer-aided design, Monte Carlo simulation, database development)
  • 10 years designing EFP warheads
  • 6 years analyzing mortgage-backed securities
  • 12 years in project risk management
  • 20 years teaching university mathematics
  • 9 years teaching finance (CFA review courses (all levels, in Los Angeles, Irvine, San Francisco, Washington DC, Atlanta, Vancouver, Toronto, Windsor ON, London, Paris, Geneva, Zürich, Frankfurt, Moscow, Kiev, Singapore, Malaysia), asset allocation, international finance, cash flow analysis)
  • 9 years teaching project management (risk management, cost management, quality management, problem solving and decision making)
  • 20 years as a professional magician
  • Member of the 2012 US TREC team: rode in the 2012 TREC (equestrian) World Championship in Mafra, Portugal
  • CFA charterholder
  • Member of the Academy of Magical Arts (Magic Castle), Hollywood, CA

The usual.

These days I mostly teach CFA courses, consult in risk management, write software, ride horses, and do magic shows. I’m recovering from surgery to replace my right ACL which I tore one week before the TREC World Championship in Mafra (I rode almost non-stop for just over nine hours after I’d torn it), and getting in shape for the next World Championship in 2016 in Spain.

I got my charter in 1999, having studied with Schweser for three years; my Level I review course was taught by Carl Schweser, and my Level II course and Level III course were taught by Andy Temte (who succeeded Carl).

Were you in the Shweser videos?

That depends: is the guy of whom you’re thinking any good?

S2000, are you from MIT or Harvard or the like? Your way of thinking is very logical and makes the CFA monster become a cat!

He’s posted some clues… if you have too much free time (say after June 1), you could find out:


California State University, Fullerton.

I used to not like cats. Now we have two of them and they’re a hoot!

Bill Campbell III. Pleasure to meet you sir!

magic sir will CFA help in a career in academics :slight_smile:

And you as well, Cinderella.

Can’t hurt.

Thank you S2000magician

You are a saint and a bastion of hope in these difficult times.

Yea, you really are a great contributor. We all really appreciate it man

Just posting to say thanks for all you’ve helped - not just me but I’m sure everyone on this board appreciates it.

I can’t help but echo the posters above - thanks very much for all your help!

You seem to be living a pretty awesome life there!

Since starting the CFA program, I’ve always wondered how a completely knowledgeable person (and by that I mean you and other top Schweser instructors) would score in mocks and exams. Do you guys ever take mocks for fun or self checks? If so, how would a good Schweser instructor score on average for L2 or L3 PM?

I know it’s kind of a weird question, but basically I would like to know how much to study this stuff if I want to have a Schweser-guy type level of comfort with the overall material.

And also, how do you become a magician? How do you learn the tricks? How many hours/years to get decent? Is it very demanding physically or can any average guy get pretty good with enough practice?

I’m very curious about both the CFA and the magician thing, and it’s awesome to run across somebody who may answer both questions from personal experience. Any details you may add on that will be greatly appreciated!

I’m curious about the warhead stuff! Last thing I want to say about this topic but we all probably owe S2000 a beer or two if he’s in your city. If you’re in Chicago, pm me lol. Thanks again!

thanks again for the help, pass of fail you’ve been very kind to provide clear, concise answers.

One thing though, how did you come up with your username? I think I remember a thread where you said you owned a Honda S2000? (I shouldn’t be remembering that, and replace it with something CFA L2 ish)

All these CFA instructors are superstars. S2000 is the man on the Dos Equis commericals for all of you unaware.

You guys are too funny! I really appreciate all of your kind thoughts.

I’ll come back and answer these questions on June 1 (while you’re all taking your exams); until then, focus on passing.