Is Schweser Book 7 for real

Just did the practice exam 1 and got 50% - Wow. How did you guys found it?

if it’s you’re first practice exam, don’t sweat it. The most important thing to do is review what you did wrong and try not to make the same mistakes on future exams. What you should not do is quickly go through your answers and jump straight into another practice exam. What I have also found to be helpful is to take one or two of the practice exams from Book 6 without any time constraint, and use them more as a basic review session. Then, treat the Book 7 exams more seriously. Make sure to take advantage of the CFAI practice exams as well. Goodluck

the online CFAI exams are exactly the same type of questions as on the test. Take those before wasting time with the Schweser book. Good luck

I can’t score above a 56 on the Book 7 tests. If this test is much harder than the actual CFA exam, I should be ok. If it’s not, I’m in trouble.

Book 7 % most people up. I got low 60s in them and then stopped taken them. Focus on doing all of book 6, finish all of the Qbank. The CFAI sample exams are most representative of the actual exam so do all of those. Book 7 just crushes your hopes and dreams.

Consensus in June was that Book 7 was way harder. Don’t waste your time.

Forget about book 7. Doesn’t make any sense whatsoever. Book 6 prepares you for the exam a lot more efficiently.

The good from book 7 - if you can answer a lot of the questions, and know why/how you got that answer (i.e. not guessing), you can be assured that you are prepared to tackle the real questions. Book 7 also has a lot of the “trap” type questions to get you used to spotting potential CFAI trickery. The bad - a lot of questions that just come out of nowhere. Quant tends to be a lot heavier on hypothesis thesting and ignores a lot of the other areas that the real exam will cover.

I am with you, MikeyD. the good thing is that when I went back to book 6, I found it so much easier, which thrilled me for two days. And then I got hit on another book7 exam.