Is Schweser down?

Anyone else having problems accessing the Schweser website?

Its working for me.

Thanks. I guess is my computer… weird…

Down for me.

I must have had some pages in cache because I can’t do anything now either.

Haha, funny, I was just about to post the same question. Yeah, doesnt work for me either. I have had this problem fairly frequently lately actually

Always happen right when I finished a test also, so annoying!!! I want to see how useless I am

2 nights in a row this has happened. I was right in the middle of a test as well.

Does it save what you have already done when this happens?

It won’t save the current page but it will save prior pages. You have to go to test management and resume the test. This crap seems to be happening about every other day.

Happened about this time last night too didn’t it?

It’s back up.

mwvt9: Yepp, it did. Sucks!