Is Schweser Down?

fucking great. Here we go again…

yes. fuck.

i haven’t downloaded qbank, have you?

you think they would have learn’t from last year…

I downloaded it, but it’s not in sync with my online q-bank so I’d be doing the same questions over again.

mcleod. what are you doing these days? any more tests? how are you reviewing. i need ideas, man.

McLeod81 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > I downloaded it, but it’s not in sync with my > online q-bank so I’d be doing the same questions > over again. oh yeah. out of luck til this thing comes up.

Amazing that it’s down this far away from the test time. Last year was horrible those last few weeks, hopefully it’s better this time.

I am down for today. Haven’t done sh#t and it’s 12.30 :frowning:

Last night I took the Schweser Volume 1 Test 3 AM session. It’s f_ing exhausting doing a 3 hour essay session at 1am… perhaps this is preparation for a sleepless night on 6/5. I want to do every full test that’s available (Schweser Vol 1 - 2, all past CFAI essays, CFAI Mock). I’m going to take 2008 AM session this weekend, save 2007 for the week before the test. I’ll probably take the pay-per-sample exams from CFAI the week before test. Also, I’m starting to do some targeted Q-Bank questions to pound out the calcs etc. Tonight I went through 60 questions on Risk Management - Derivatives. Now I’m starting a 60 question test on Performance Attribution. I find that by doing a large number of similar questions I can really hammer down the details. My main focus now is endless questions and practice exams. I want this sh!t to flow nice and smooooth on 6/6. I’ll still sneak in another read through of Schweser notes sometime between now and 6/6. I might revisit some CFAI EOC questions if I can gather the ambition (at least the PWM section). What are you fixin’ to do the next week or so?

Frickin’ Schweser ruined my Performance Attribution Q-bank session… I was just starting to get on a roll too.

repetition is the key of success

McLeod81 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > > What are you fixin’ to do the next week or so? Same thing… all the tests and questions i can get my hands on. I’ve only done schweser volume 2 exam 1 so far. probably will do a volume 1 exam this weekend. maybe do the 2008 essay soon. but i definitely need to review some stuff. i completely forgot about the duration of swaps until i saw a thread on it today. what did you think of the volume 1 exam? i almost feel like the first volume 2 test i took was too easy… maybe i’m just paranoid.

back up.

The volume 1 exam wasn’t too bad. The only questions that really bother me are IPS stuff because the answers are just soo damn subjective.

back down. fuck.

Back up! MacLeod… you mention having the locally installed Qbank in sync with the on-line version. Is this even possible??? Just thinking ahead a couple of weeks. I expect to have most of the Q bank that I intend to do complete by then, but you never know.

back down. crap.

Back down… arghh… It’s almost 3 AM here. I’m shutting it down.

it’s so annoying. i’m just trying to key in my answers for a printable exam…ugh.