is schweser enough?

is schweser notes enough for a pass???

For L1 yes

I choose to work on only the EOC questions from CFAI。。。。。plus schweser notes。。。。

hopefully will pass。。。

iteracom could you elabarote a little if you dont mind? Does the Schweser notes not cover enough of the material, or is it that you don’t believe they give you enough depth of understanding.

I guess i will find out when i do my first mock, but i’d appreciate your advice as well.

Also I imagine this has been covered many times in the forum, but for L2 is it also a rule of thumb that a 70% will get you a pass?


I think Schweser works for L1…

Provided that you did all readings, question and practice exams.

for all levels 70%+ is the unwritten level, the CFAI won’t fail anyone who can cross that mark

Scheweser’s notes are plenty for L1. Do the practice exams in the schw books as well and should be just fine

There are tens of thousands of us that passed all three levels using only Shwesser.

However, anybody that bought brand X study notes and then failed level Y, will tell you that brand X study notes are inadequate to pass level Y.

Absolutely and there is no doubt about it. It is more than enough.

But, keep eye on technical analysis, share repurchase, hypothesis testing and last chapter of FRA , monetary and fiscal economics, GIPS in ethics, swap in derivative, alternative and PM. CFA might surprise you and these are the sections people generally don’t read carefully and later repent after failing the exam.

Mind it. If you solve just 1 extra question in each topic you solve 8 percent more currect questions and which is a good quantum. I am telling you from experience of candidates who have passed examination last year

And, last and most important. If you have sinking feeling then just focus on schsewerpro qbank it will help you sail through the exam…


Vikash Kumar