Is Schweser Level 1 curriculum same as June 2008?

I’m pretty new at this, I’ve been reading the CF‚`‚h curriculum nonstop, but there’s just too much information for me to finish in order to take the December 2008 test. 1. Can I buy used June 2008 Schweser for the December test? Or are they different material? 2. I’m looking at the Schweser site, it seems the QBank is $449, and am I correct that this is only a database of practice questions, and doesn’t include the study notes? (which is another $329?!?) For a total of almost $800 ?!?! Thanks for your replies in advance!

I also would be quite interested in this - From what I know the june and dec exams are the same but year on year they are different


  1. yes, same. 2. yes (QBank is really good though)

The notes are nice but I have found both Q-bank and the Practice Exams crucial to success. Take it for what it’s worth but always consider if it’s worth failing for trying to save a few bucks. You don’t want to do this exam again.