Is schweser mock better than older CFA mock exam?

I’m talking about recent (2014) schweser exams vs. old (2010 type) CFA mock exams.

Is taking the older CFA mock better?

Well atleast in terms of fixed income, my understanding is that they have changed it a ton from last year to this year. That is my main concern with using older exams is that they are out of date with current weightings and material. Not that they would be useless, just maybe not as accurate a represenation of your current progress given current material?

Just my thoughts though, I could be very wrong. Also, this is my first go at the CFA adventure. I am finding that between the six schweser mocks and the CFAI mock, I have plenty to work with since I am only through 3 schwesers and will do the CFAI this weekend. Not sure how many more I will have in me before the real deal.