Is Schweser notes sufficient to pass CFA level 3?

Plan to take level 3 next year and wonder if the notes would be sufficient to pass the exam.

You definitely can pass with Schweser. Many people do.
From my 2020 version, there were some formula errors I only caught through another provider. Pretty significant ones in 2 cases.

My opinion is, if you know Schweser cold, you have a good shot at about 80% of the curriculum. You will be able to “hear the bell” on most questions but you probably won’t understand fully “where the bell is truly coming from.” Which may be why folks who don’t pass L3 the first time are confused why they didn’t pass, because maybe they don’t fully understand the “why” of the materials… they focused on memorizing core formulae without deep explanation or context, not always understanding that those formulae they studied have shortcuts Schweser built in that don’t always apply.

Schweser seems built upon common shortcuts and assumptions that you would be otherwise unaware of if you only looked at their materials. So if you do Schweser, particularly for the AM section, also supplement it with core materials from the CFA learning ecosystem in my opinion at least.

If you’re focused on passing, I would focus on Schweser at L3 for their mock exams and perhaps do a different provider for core learning. Forget their Qbank for L3 just do the CFA questions on their website. Do all the CFA Institute MCQs and mocks in your candidate resources, regardless. But it’s up to you. You can pass with Schweser. You have a better chance with an additional provider as well. It ultimately comes down to the value of your time and how much you really want to learn the materials versus just get the letters at some point.

Cheers - good luck - you got this👍

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