Is Schweser Notes useful for level II exam?

I was wondering if notes are really useful for level 2 exam since they omit many formulas and knowledge from the textbook.And those textbook calculations are much harder than Schweser Notes.

I know many people who only used kaplan books, Marc Meldrum vids and EOCQs who passed 90th percentile.

I am currently studying for L2 but based on my research and experience from going through L2 Quant/Econ thus far, Kaplan is valuable. My ‘indicator’ is that I’m doing well on the CFAI online practice tests.

For your reference, I am reading a Kaplan Chapter, then watching the MM videos, and then doing CFAI blue boxes and practice questions. I find Kaplan extremely helpful in combination with these other resources.

I’m studying for L2, using Schweser Notes and then CFAI EOC questions. Seems to be working for me. Also doing Schweser Topic Assessment, they are good too.