Is Schweser Study Planner good approach to study planning?

I crated a study -in excel but then found that the Schweser Study Planner (its an online study calender) came with my purchase of Schweser Notes. Does anyone know if I stick to the schedule in the Study Planner is that a good approach?

Skip it. Only move on when you’ve mastered a topic. Otherwise, what’s the point of breezing through if you need more time.

I agree with skipping the Schweser study planner and creating your own schedule, but I’ll have to disagree with stunnerrunner’s advice that you should move on only once you’ve mastered a topic (but we all learn and retain material differently).

I used an approach at L1 that I am using at L2 where I review a SS and do all the Schweser problems for each reading within the SS and the CFAI EOQ’s for the corresponding readings. After this I hit the QBank for a 60 question “quiz” on that SS. The following day I create another 60 question quiz but this one is on every SS i’ve done so far. This, coupled with daily review of as many notecards as I can cover on my commute to work, serves to keep the material fresh (or as fresh as possible) while I continue to progress to new material. At L1, this process for each SS took a week (Tues-Fri reading, Saturday SS quiz and review, Sunday full quiz and review), at L2 I expect more than a couple SS’ to take longer than a week but I am not expecting to master a topic before moving on. In fact, I doubt if I’ll fully master any topic in the curriculum - too time consuming.

Stunnerrunner - apologies if I took you’re use of “mastered” too literally.