Is Schweser sufficient for Economics?

I have wrapped up with all topics all of which I did from Wiley Study Guides except for Economics and Ethics.I found many concepts in Wiley while I was studying from both which Schweser did not explain or was very brief.For instance,utility formula is not stated in Schweser,features of MLP in Alt Investments.etc.

Similarly in Econ I am finding Wiley to have some concepts like the IS-LM framework which Schweser has wrapped up in half a page while Wiley has taken 2-3 pages explaining it and from what I gather is tracking the curriculum.

Considering Econ is not my strong suit and its weightage on the exam is it safe to do it from Schweser?If its necessary I can do it more comprehensively from Wiley but if not required I will use Schweser for this.Help will be appreciated.Thanks!

I only used Schweser for L1, and scored >70 on Econ. I struggled with Econ, but the Qbank helped me nail down the topic and some other areas.