Is Schweser Video Coverage enough?

I am planning to review the Asset Valuation portion of the curriculum by watching Schewer’s video series + Taking notes. How comprehensive are these videos in covering the material? i.e. do they cover everything required adequately?? Any thoughts would be highly appreciated.

It pretty much was for me. Even if it covers only 90% of the (most testable, high points areas of the ) material, if you know 90% of that cold, well… do the math.

I like it. It takes me through a study session quite quickly and gives me a nice overview of the material. I prefer having an idea of the material and then dive into it deeper and deeper to fill in the blanks. Personally I think it has saved me a lot of time up until now.

I have been using them as a good review after I have read everything. It ties in the topics and gives me some tricks to use for the material.

they’re good to watch …it’s kinda like having a professor explain things from a different perspective …rather than just reading the notes…(like slides)… however I do recommend doing a lot of practice questions… like “nodes” said…the notes are summary of the curriculum and the videos are a summary of the notes…so they don’t cover EVERY SINGLE ASPECT of an exam question that could be covered…you gota do several questions for practice…

The videos have helped my studying. Especially at the beginning when I had little motivation. Pop in a video, pop some popcorn…enjoy. Then qbank it… I am actually reading the notes more at this point, but the videos were very helpful.