Is self study sufficient?

Hello Everyone,

I am new to this forum and also recently pursuing CFA. I have a few start up questions for which i am hoping for a little advice from you people. My questions are as follows:

  1. Is self study sufficient for CFA level one or should i take some classes or tuition? I have completed my Bachelors in Actuarial Sciences and Risk Management in 2010 but didn’t study more due to work pressure. I work at a bank but not mainly related to risk and insvestments. However i have studied the basics of investments and planning for a career as an investment banker.

  2. What should be my first step for pursuing CFA? Should i get myself registered first and study with the study material provided by CFA institute or should I buy other study material and study through a couple of months and then decide when to get register and for which year/attempt.

I am hopeful that you people will guide me through.

Thanks and regards.

  1. Self study is surely sufficient.

  2. If you want to “test the waters” before “jumping in,” then purchase a used copy of the Schweser Notes. Review it and then decide if it is what you want to do before paying the fee to register.

Self study with the CFAI materials is certainly sufficient, that’s all I used. The value of the CFA program to investment banking may be limited.

Thank you for your advice. Where can i find a used copy of Schweser notes?

Get the original one.

I have also heard that there is not much difference between the old notes and the new in the Schweser material for Level 1.

you could try to get hold of it (used/new) from the local shops there for lesser cost

I am actually suprised at how much the level I curriculum has changed since when I took level I in 2009.

I am now starting my preparation for level 1 from Schweser. What should be my study plan?Should I start from book 1 i.e. Ethics or should i go for some other topics?

Save Ethics for last. Study in the order of topics presented (except ethics).

Really? I took it back in 2006 so I’m guessing it must be chinese to me at this point.

I will be really thankful if anybody can e mail me the study planner/ study calander for CFA level 1 ? My e mail address is:

Also I have heard that Ethics should be studied at the begining and at the end (both times) before the overall revision at the end and I have also seen in a website that Ethics should me done 3 times, in the middle of the course as well (probably after equity) . So with what should I start with? Ethics or Quants or any other?

Does not matter what section you start with…treat all sections independently and study hard. Make your own calendar using the books and pages as a reference. That is what I did…honestly getting someone elses planner is not as valuable as making your own. Curriculums change year to year so get the latest…also if you want Investment Banking, as it was mentioned before, CFA might not help you…bankers structure transactions…not a lot of that in CFA.

Hey there, it s good that you are interested in taking up the CFA exams. CFA is definitely useful if you are planning to venture into the Finance / Banking / Investment sector. It is fine to do self study for CFA if you are motivated and hardworking, and willing to set aside time after work eg 2-3 hours to prepare and read up on the resources (wiley, kaplan schw…) or listen to audio mp3 lectures while travelling to work. If you are unsure whether to pick up the CFA, you may wish to purchase the books/resources from a local society/CFA registered society/organization in your country and read up. You still have time to decide whether to sign up for the June or December exams in 2015. In any case, best of luck. :slight_smile:

Yes Ramos4rm i think you are right about about making your own calendar, I am starting from Ethics but i am planning not to go deeply with the content now and jump yo Quants because i have studied stats probability and other quant stuff alot in my Bachelors so i will be able to manage it easily.

yes it is