Is stock brokerage relevant for getting the CFA?

Got a call from an interested potential employer (a brokerage firm), and the job advertised initially involves getting to know the various financial products they trade in as well as selling these products to clients and building a client portfolio.

I would think this sort of experience is relevant because I read about brokers alot in the ethics material (soft dollars, researh objectivity) and also this firm sells stock market research to clients, so the research carried out would probably draw upon the CFA curriculum concepts for valuing and rating securities.

My previous background is in accountancy with one of the big 4, so I’m not very familiar with brokerage. I do want to obtain the CFA charter however, and a position as a stockbroker sounds interesting to do on a permanent and full time basis.

Without having any more info to go by, it sounds like they’ll have you get the series 7/66, and don’t give two shits about the CFA program. A bunch of sales, and not much research (not as much as you’d think anyway)

Edit: But relevance in terms of acceptable to CFAI, I’d say 100% yes it counts.

That was my feeling as well, to be honest focusing on sales sounds ok, I just wanna be able to get the CFA on the side - it’s more of a personal goral than a career objective for me.

He did mention there’d be other exams to take.